“We humans have the power to achieve the life we want regardless of circumstances!”

In 2008, following a serious motorbike accident in Paris, I was bedridden for ten months with nineteen broken bones. In addition to the physical consequences, such a long period without activities or social contacts was a mental ordeal.


After that, I had to find an effective and quick way to learn to live again and come back physically and psychologically. I knew that by rebuilding my confidence, all my goals would naturally follow.


After studying the mechanisms of success extensively, I discovered that human beings have the power to achieve the life they want regardless of circumstances.

The secret is to combine the force of repetition with the power of imagination. These two elements added in a method, which has been refined over the years, are the best way to impact the unconscious part of our brain that controls our attitude and therefore the quality of our results.

Thanks to this, I came out of this adventure quickly and every day I continue to evolve, just like the people close to me to whom I had also transmitted this method. Later I wanted to understand why my life had changed so much and I went to the United States for two years to improve my skills with the best coaches.

When I came back to France, I continued to help people, while allowing them to avoid the trial and error that I had encountered at the beginning. Again, I have seen spectacular results. I have seen people increase their incomes by remarkable amounts and employees become entrepreneurs. I have seen people who are out of touch become bold and people who are withdrawn blossom and reach out to others. I have seen overweight people lose 30 pounds in a short time. I have even seen a 16-year-old student go from an average of 35 to 70 in three months, to name but a few examples.

I have therefore decided today to share this method with you through my book so that you too can obtain the results you want.


"Too often I have seen people devour book after book on personal development or psychology without their lives changing one iota."

The reason is simple: storing new information is not enough if it is not accompanied by a new skill. That is why I have included a program in this book to make it effective.


To accomplish this, we need to impact the unconscious part of our brain, the realm of confidence, deep beliefs and habits, not the conscious part where knowledge is stored. Only in this way it is possible to develop new behaviors and put them into practice to achieve real results.

In the second part of this book, the reader will discover this program during which he will be accompanied step by step with actions to be undertaken, somewhat in the same way as in coaching sessions.


From then on, he takes on the leading role by becoming the scriptwriter, producer and main actor of his life. His life becomes the realization of his desires rather than the consequence of chance and circumstances.


“Have enough self-respect to steer clear of anything that doesn’t
allow you to become your best.”

The Book

The simple program to boost your confidence and get real results.

Whether we want to double our income, lose 35 pounds in a short period of time, make new friends every day, or simply be happy, the solution is the same: we must make our unconscious an ally, not an enemy.

That’s what this book will teach us to do. Too many people want to change an external result without understanding this. It’s like trying to improve our appearance in the mirror by changing something on the mirror. The aim of this book is to enable the reader to immediately improve his or her life through concrete results…

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The program



modules and personalized follow-up

to quickly implement changes that you expect in your life!

This is a six-hour program, spread over six weeks, one hour per week. Video conference conducts these six sessions.


They will allow you to immediately put in place a work methodology and to gain in efficiency by being assisted
by the author.


The objective is to change the paradigm to open to a new pattern of success, and then to continue to act daily according to this system.

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